Destination: United Kingdom

Honeymoon in the Cotswolds

After my husband and I were married in Wales in May, we left on a European travel adventure throughout England, Ireland, Italy and Paris. It was a dream of a honeymoon and a trip we will treasure forever. The first stop on our adventure was the English Cotswolds, one of my favorite places on Earth. I’m a not-so-secret Anglophile, so I could have stayed here forever, happily drinking buckets of tea and eating scones. When we arrived in the Cotswolds, it felt as if we had stepped into a real-life Beatrix Potter world! Thatched roofs, English gardens, brambly hedges and sweet people had turned real life into a fairy tale. Read More ›

London’s Borough Market

My favorite city in the world, London is a traveler’s dream. And nowhere is the city’s personality more evident than in its various markets. Bustling, vibrant, and full of treasures, each of London’s markets specialize in different types of goods. I have a few favorites, but none more so than Borough Market. One of the best spots to spend a Saturday morning, Borough Market is one of the oldest foot markets in London, with over 100 tempting offerings. It features many of London’s well-known traders, such as Pieminster, La tua pasta, and Boston Sausage. Just thinking about the fresh prosciutto, hot mulled wine, and chocolates from Rabot Estate has my mouth watering! Read More ›

Slowing Down in Norfolk

When we had our son Zeus, I started to worry about living in London. I grew up in the countryside and was keen for Zeus to enjoy nature as I did rather than experience some of the things that city can life can force on you. We moved to Norfolk on the East coast of England in June. Our new town is about two hours out of central London but a million miles away in terms of the pace of life and the landscape. The Norfolk countryside is flat so the fields go on and on and the sunsets last until late evening. There are also large rivers that run right through our little village of Magdalen that the local teenagers jump in to on hot days. Read More ›