Destination: Turkey

Mosques and Markets of Istanbul

My husband and I had the pleasure of visiting Istanbul for three days during our honeymoon. We went with stories of a vibrant culture, luscious colors, spices and fabrics, and Turkey most certainly did not disappoint! As soon as we arrived in Istanbul we stopped for the much talked about apple tea. It was sweet and delicious and everywhere we went we saw people serving it to one another as a friendly gesture. Read More ›

Hot Air Balloons Over Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a historical region in central Anatolia. The area is not only home to amazing landscapes, but also the hot air balloon ride that lured me to Turkey in the first place. We booked our flight with Royal Balloon, the best in the area and chose the longer, 90 minute King ride. After seeing just one image online of a hot air balloon over Cappadocia, I knew I had to visit! I wasn’t disappointed when it turned out to be a truly amazing area to photograph! Read More ›

Ruins + Beaches of Southern Turkey

On a recent trip to Turkey we spent some time exploring the absolutely amazing southwest coast along the Aegean Sea. The coast is full of beautiful scenery, lush greenery, turquoise waters and historical ruins. After flying into the Izmir airport and renting a car, we set off to do some sightseeing at our own pace on a little road trip. Our first stop was at Ephesus, one of Turkey’s most famous historic sites. Ephesus was once an ancient Greek city—and later a major Roman city—and contains the largest collection of Roman ruins in the eastern Mediterranean. The most amazing of the excavations is the Library of Celsus (built in 124 AD) and the theater that dominates the view down Harbor Street, leading to the now dried-up harbor. Read More ›

Otherworldly Cappadocia

If you have never heard of the wonder that is Cappadocia, you’re in for a treat and a new item for your bucket list! Picture Star Wars, the lunar landscape, and entire cities in the caves—it’s unlike anything you have ever seen or are likely to see again! Volcanic eruptions created the “fairy chimneys”, which are shaped like everything from mushrooms to animals to totem poles. Read More ›