Destination: Europe

Winter Wonderland: Italy + Austria

My husband surprised me at Christmas with my first trip to Europe—my first big adventure!—and it was one month away. The tickets were booked and there was no turning back. When the time came, we jumped on a plane, flew 10 hours, and landed for our 10 day winter European adventure, which began in Venice. I felt like I was in a dream. I had never seen so many colorful buildings, with so much character and history. It was hard not to take a picture every few steps. After finding our cute little apartment that overlooked one of the canal, we immediately left to explore. For the next four days we admired the people, the culture, and the architecture of this magical and romantic city. We dreamed of what it would be like to live here, while enjoying the most amazing seafood, sipping espresso several times a day, and waking each morning to delicious pastries. Read More ›

Scenes from Mykonos

In August I traveled to Mykonos, Greece to photograph a couple’s engagement, and then their wedding in Athens, Greece. I spent a full day wandering the streets of Mykonos to soak up as much of the sights as I could. Mykonos is lined with white buildings, walls and paths that are adorned with playfully painted windows and doors in the most vibrant tropical colors. Each is unique in texture and/or color, creating its own identity. Read More ›

Driving the Vicentine Coast of Portugal

Last August one of my closest friends came to visit Portugal. One thing we always seem to end up doing when we’re in the same place together for longer than 24 hours is pack a tent and hit the road – it’s our thing and we’re getting pretty good at it! The first time we did a “Thelma and Louise” was in 2006 and since then we’ve road-tripped a few more times (once even including our men in the adventure). On this Portuguese version we left the boys at home for three days of camping, surfing, swimming and sun. Read More ›

Two Weeks in Spain

Spain is a special place for me. I had the opportunity to travel there in high school for the first time, as part of an exchange program. The family I was placed with became like my extended family, and whenever I have the chance, I go back to visit. My husband, Eric, is the most important person in my life and he knows how much I love it—he even proposed to me from Spain through the podcast Notes from Spain. I’ve been able to share this special place with him before, but there was so much of the country he hadn’t seen. So for our fifth anniversary in October, we decided it was time for a big Spain trip, where we could take in lots of the highlights and see the country for all it is. Read More ›