Destination: Asia

The Land of Many Islands

The Philippines might better be named ‘The Land of Many Islands’ as it’s a country made up of over 7,000 islands both small and big. During my ten-day journey through this vibrant land I was able to visit a main island, Mindanao, and two smaller islands surrounding Davao City, Samal and Taligud. Though I have many memories of my trip, there are only a handful I hold close to my heart. These include my moments spent by the water and my time diving beneath the sea. Read More ›

Bangkok’s Chinatown

Bangkok totally exceeded my expectations. I had been once before but on this visit I took the time to really experience some of the best the city has to offer. Our hotel—a beautiful little boutique hotel on the river called Loy La Long – was such a treat. It’s located close to Chinatown and inside the grounds of a temple! We loved eating at the street carts all along Chinatown and found it to be some of the best food of our whole trip. Read More ›

Ten Days in Japan

In January I had the opportunity to travel to Osaka, Japan. After a few friends agreed to join me on the trip, we spent a total of ten days traveling throughout the country for a truly fantastic experience! We began in Tokyo before quickly moving on to Osaka. From here we traveled back and forth between Tokyo and surrounding cities. Read More ›

Scenes from Udaipur

India is a whirlwind for the senses and a complete overload of colors, smells, sites and experiences. I had my first hint of this upon boarding the 18 hour flight to New Delhi – a flight packed to the brim with people, crying babies, herbaceous aromas and bright silks. My friend and fellow photographer, Sara, was commissioned to shoot a lavish five-event wedding in the Lake City of Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan and I joined her on the trip. We gave ourselves four extra days to see both the sites of this city of lake palaces and to explore new and old Delhi. Read More ›