Hometown Highlights

A Local’s Guide to New Orleans

New Orleans has always had a special place in my heart. With its culture, food, music, and crazy cast of characters, it’s no surprise New Orleans has been nicknamed the most European city in America. When my then-fiance (now husband) and I were discussing where to spend our newlywed years, this magical place topped the list. Three months after we got married, in August 2012, we packed up our belongings and settled down in the Crescent City. Now it’s very difficult to think about leaving this incredible, colorful, and resilient place! Read More ›

A Local’s Guide to San Diego

I am a native Northern Californian who adopted San Diego as my city seven years ago. Any Californian will tell you that there is a distinct difference (and friendly rivalry) between Northern (“Norcal”) and Southern (“Socal”) California. So seven years ago, I couldn’t help but be skeptical about how well I would adapt to my new, easy breezy home by the ocean. What was I going to do with all my fleece tops? Read More ›

A Local’s Guide to Denver

Like most in Colorado, Kimothy and I are not Denver natives. But that’s all the more reason for us to tour you around our now-hometown! From the daily view of the mountains to quirky shops and more local restaurants that our stomachs can bear, it’s no secret that we both love this city. An active community with a love for the outdoors, good food, and an awesome time with friends, you’ll always find yourself keeping busy in the Mile High City. Read More ›

A Local’s Guide to Portland

I’m a rare native Portlander. I lived here before The New York Times ever wrote a travel story about us, and way before the days of Portlandia. The cool part about living here for 30 years is that I’ve been able to watch as the city’s districts have grown and evolved. In the small town where my husband’s from, no one stays around after high school. But I’m proud to be living in my hometown full of ridiculously delicious food and well-curated shops. Read More ›

A Local’s Guide to Birmingham

I always describe Birmingham as a really big small town. In reality, Birmingham is a sizable city with over 1 million people in the metropolitan area, but has all of the charm of the South and it seems like everyone you meet has a connection to someone you already know, much like the small town I grew up in. Birmingham is perfectly placed in close proximity to cities like Nashville and Chattanooga, and it’s close to the mountains and the coast. It’s Atlanta without the crazy traffic, and is full of people who love this city, sweet home Alabama, and SEC football. Read More ›