A Day at Versailles

When traveling to Paris for the first time a few years ago, my wife and I knew we wanted to see Versailles. I don’t think most travelers really understand what they’re getting into when they visit Versailles for the first time! We’re not just talking about a palace, though, of course, there is an obscenely large and ornate palace that’s not to be missed. The true glory of the historic landmark lies outside the walls of the attraction. Versailles is really a small town, consisting of nearly 1,000 acres of gardens, tree-lined paths, ponds, wildflower fields, and various buildings. There’s a tea house where one can nibble biscuits while watching people take small row boats out on the pond. There’s Petit Trianon, the unendingly charming house that Louis XVI had built as a retreat for his wife. And there’s even the pastoral village that once served as Marie Antoinette’s personal haven. My mild Marie Antoinette obsession was only fueled by the breathtakingly beautiful Sofia Coppola film and as such we knew visiting Versailles was a must-see on our trip to France! Read More ›

Traveling through Israel

In March of last year my mother and I went on an epic journey to Israel. It’s almost hard to put into words all I learned and felt while there. I learned that I didn’t know much about Israel at all and was unprepared for the beauty that awaited me. When originally booking this trip, it was more for my mom than it was for me. She wanted to go, I love to travel, and having a week with my mom exploring a new land sounded like a wonderful bonding experience. Read More ›

Cape Town’s Neighbourgoods Market

The Neighbourgoods Market is a weekly gourmet food and produce market taking place every Saturday morning at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, Cape Town. Founded in 2006, the market is an independent initiative based on the principles of buying directly from the source, knowing where your food comes from, and supporting local suppliers. It’s aimed with the intention of reviving the sense of community associated with farmer’s markets. Read More ›