Tuscan Cooking Class

Since Under the Tuscan Sun was released in 2003, my Aunt has wanted to rent a house in Tuscany. She wanted the whole family to come along so that we could reconvene as a family, eat food, drink some amazing local wine and experience everything that Tuscany had to offer. And as the loving niece that I try to be, who was I to deny her that? So, last June, my aunt, my cousin, my sister, her fiancee, my husband and I made the trek to Cortona for a week of soaking up the Tuscan sun. It was an incredible vacation and I am so happy she had this dream! Read More ›


We visited Bali in June 2012, and were able to enjoy both Uluwatu and Ubud. Bali is a dreamlike place, and Ubud is its cultural center. When visiting Ubud staying in a private villa is a must, splurge a little for one with a private pool like KajaNE Mua, or for a more traditional experience, you can stay, as we did, at KajaNE Yangloni in traditional wooden Balinese houses set on stilts over rice paddies. Many villas along with Kajane Mua have wonderful outdoor bathrooms and some even have cool tubs carved out of stone. Read More ›

Dogsledding in Iceland

Iceland is perhaps my favorite spot on earth, especially during the winter, and especially at New Years. Our January 2012 trip was positively magical, and one of our favorite experiences was a sunrise (noon!) sled ride on a farm in Holmasel—about a two hour drive from Reykjavik. We arranged our tour with Dogsledding Iceland. When we arrived in Holmasel, the five of us (including our friends’ adorable 10 month old) suited up in our snow clothes and headed out with the pups! The adorable dogs were such a joy, and seeing the sunrise in the middle of a massive field of snow at one of the most northern spots in the world was something we will never forget. Iceland is a fabulous country, full of amazing people—a must-visit! Read More ›

Pyramids of Giza + The Sphinx

We visited Egypt in March 2012, during a period of relative peace amongst the unrest of the past couple of years. Egypt’s primary industry is tourism, and although March is traditionally the busiest time of the year, we found ourselves with Egypt almost to ourselves, with no crowds and no lines! Our first day was spent relaxing by the pool at our wonderful hotel, the Mena House, and then on day two we ventured to the Pyramids of Giza! Read More ›