7 Must-Swim Pools

As much as I adore an amazing beach, what I enjoy most on a sun-and-sand vacation is a fabulous swimming pool! There is nothing better than a good book, a pool chair, a drink with an umbrella, and a pool with a fabulous view. Click through to enjoy this roundup of 7 amazing swimming pools! Read More ›

The Great Wall of China

Last fall marked my first trip to mainland China, and as the Great Wall was at the top of our bucket list, we headed to Beijing to see the sights and visit one of the most spectacular man-made structures in the world. From our home base in Beijing, we hired the wonderful John Yellowcar to drive us out to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. We chose Mutianyu after much Trip Advisor research, as this was the section of the wall with a chair lift up and a toboggan ride down (the cheesy tourist in me loved the idea of the toboggan ride, and it proved to be incredibly fun). Mutianyu is also not as crowded as some of the other sections, such as Badaling. We were able to hike along the wall for several hours, enjoying the view from each of the watchtowers along our route. Read More ›

Sailing the British Virgin Islands

As a photographer, every working day is a hustle, and I work nearly 7 days a week, every week. During the season, it gets especially crazy and I’m thankful for the little family time I can squirrel away. I’m eternally grateful for time with my family, especially when we vacation together. Like vacations prior, we went sailing together. We returned to the British Virgin Islands, a great place for beginning captains and crew to learn the lines. While I grew up sailing, it’s not a difficult skill to acquire. Once the lessons are learned, they pay immediate dividends. Read More ›

Adventures in Chiang Mai

Our time in Thailand can really be broken into three phases – city living, relaxing (and eating) in the sand, and adventures (and more eating) in Chiang Mai. We put a respectable number of miles in during our first few days in Bangkok, wandering until our feet hurt and we needed to fill our bodies with curry. After hopping a short flight to the south we spent the next week in Patong Beach relaxing and reading and exploring the surrounding areas of Phuket. When we grew tired of ocean swims we grabbed our bag and flew north to the famed Chiang Mai where we rounded out the majority of our trip. It was here that we rode elephants, cuddled with tigers, and explored Buddhist temples. All the while eating as much coconut ice cream, mango anything, and curry everything that we could find. Read More ›

World’s Most Beautiful Thermal Baths

There may be absolutely nothing better than soaking in one of these incredible natural thermal baths or hot springs. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, the warm waters soothe your body and your soul. From the remote locale of southwest Bolivia to the famous (and worth the hype!) Blue Lagoon, here are 10 of the world’s most beautiful thermal baths! Read More ›